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Be Connected. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

You can operate everything via a touchscreen on site or, regardless of where you are, you can also monitor and control the system performance online at any time via a mobile, web-enabled device. The HomeHub system allows you to optimize your own energy consumption in such a way that you consume the energy that you produce yourself in order to achieve a higher degree of self-sufficiency and a higher self-consumption rate.

Perfect Design

HomeHub has been engineered in Germany with performance style and flexibility in mind.

Indoor and Outdoor

HomeHub is housed in a rugged and stylish stainless steel outer cabinet for indoor and outdoor

Glass Door

The glass door allow to full visibility to the operational modes of the system.

Intelligent controller

Managing the storage modules is an intelligent controller that protects the life and performance of the system.


You can start with a smaller system and add further units if your future energy storage needs change.

Cloud based

The control system is the brain inside HomeHub and communicates the full status to any tablet or smart phone device wherever you are.

Up the minute information. Anytime. Anywhere.

At the heart of HomeHub is an intelligent monitoring system that gives you full status of the system remotely. The HomeHub system has a built-in monitoring solution that gives you up the minute information from a touch screen.

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Modular, Expandable, Cloud-Based, HomeHub has it all!

HomeHub has it all – a modular and expandable solution, style, long life performance and safety. It’s the perfect solution that will ensure years of energy independence.